Who we are

At Red Piranha, we came up with a simple concept: a holistic security solution that works. Recruiting a team of experts from around the globe – from engineers to academics to ethical hackers – we worked to develop the most exhaustive and effective security controls available on the market.

In 2013, we integrated the threat intelligence platform DNS.insure into the development of the Crystal Eye Unified Threat Management system for advanced cloud and on-premise protection. Since then, we've developed additional capability around threat detection and incident response along with the integration of other advanced security capabilities to evolve into the Crystal Eye XDR platform. 

The result? A comprehensive platform of threat management tools that ensures advanced protection, threat detection and incident response.

Because when our most valuable assets are digital, quick fixes shouldn’t be the status quo – and shrouding them in a fog of confusion shouldn’t be either. At Red Piranha, we believe having the safest, most reliable information security system is everyone’s right – regardless of industry or budget.


Cybersecurity for everyone​.

Our Vision

To innovate, redefine and remove boundaries in cybersecurity.


Redefine & innovate​
Elevate others​
Diversity is our strength ​

Personal growth and development ​
Integrity in all that we do​
Respect for one another​
Accountability to ourselves & others​
Nimble: if we don’t have it, we develop it​
Hackers: break it, fix it, make it better (*at no stage do we break the law)​
About the customer in all that we do

Our Pioneering Products

We have developed Crystal Eye - one of the first Extended Detection & Response (XDR) platforms available on the market that aims to address all of an organisation's security needs to protect, detect and respond to sophisticated cyber threats. This features rapid deployment, simple configuration and customizable alert tuning to reduce administrative burden. Our systems are developed at our Red Piranha facilities under rigorous quality control standards to ensure you receive reliable, state-of-the-art hardware and our innovative software solutions.

​​​​​​​Red Piranha has developed one of the first XDR (Extended Detection & Response) platforms in the market, allowing organisations to reduce the risk of a security incident, reduce time to detect and respond to a threat and reduce the cost of securing their business. We also offer a comprehensive suite of security consulting services to help our customers get secure and achieve compliance.

With numerous clients around the world and multiple threat intelligence feeds into our platform, Red Piranha has global insight into the evolving threat landscape.

Partner Heatmap

The following heatmap shows the regions with Red Piranha partners, as of January 2021.


Red Piranha's global team consists of highly qualified and certified security and compliance experts to deliver our extensive range of security services. Coupled with our ISO 27001 certified security operations for the Crystal Eye platform, we help our customers obtain a solid foundation to meet their compliance requirements and automatically protect, detect and respond to evolving threats.

We have one of the fastest growing security teams in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region to ensure we continue developing our world-class technology platform and delivering our best-in-class security consulting services. Notwithstanding our global presence, the majority of our security team is based in Australia to be able to provide hands-on services to our Australian customers, as well as customers in other regions.