Security Risk Assessment (SRA)

Security Risk Assessments and Audits

Security risk assessments and audits help you understand your organisation’s security maturity model, identify potential gaps in your security controls and recommend changes to meet your compliance requirements.

Red Piranha offers a range of security risk assessment and auditing services delivered by our team of certified security professionals and tailored to meet your specific needs.


Ensure your organisational compliance and avoid Director liability;
  • It’s time to address your risk.


Too many organisations don’t fully understand their overall security posture;
  • It’s time to find out how you stack up.


Cybersecurity is complicated and it’s hard to know if you’re doing it right;
  • It’s time to get an independent audit.


Avoid Director liability
Identify gaps
Start the certification journey


Security Risk Assessment Process


Businesses are under increasing pressure to meet a range of compliance requirements including ISO 27001, NIST, PCI, HIPAA, ISM and Essential 8, which require regular security assessments. Cybersecurity is an accepted part of doing business today and regular security assessments play an essential role. Last year’s audit is only relevant to last year’s threats and is unfortunately no longer valid.

Range of Services

We can tailor security risk assessment and audit services across a range of complexity levels:

A Holistic View

Information security has traditionally been the responsibility of IT teams; however, this often leads to security assessments being done with little or no input from other departments. This approach is no longer effective.

As organisations become increasingly reliant on IT systems for core business functions and those systems become more complex and open to third parties, senior management needs to understand the inherent risks. Enterprise risk assessments should include all stakeholders to ensure every aspect of organisational risk is addressed from the ground up.

Ahead of the Compliance Curve

Not being ahead of the compliance curve could significantly impact your business’s ability to carry out work and risk future contracts due to noncompliance. Achieving compliance ensures you’re not a weak link when your customers are addressing their 3rd party risk.

During times of uncertainty, customers take a ‘flight to quality’ approach, gravitating towards products and services of higher quality and with verified industry certifications. You need to ensure your compliance to capitalise on this demand and stay relevant.

Director Liability

Directors can be personally liable if their organisation fails to meet compliance requirements due to a lack of security controls. Careful attention must be paid to ensure compliance obligations are met and maintained. This takes considerable effort to implement policies and continuously update systems. If you’re unsure whether you’re compliant, you could benefit from our security risk assessment and audit services.

Our Approach

Red Piranha security risk assessment & audit services offer a comprehensive, business-driven approach to evaluating your cybersecurity maturity level based on your business operations and risk profile. The maturity model provides you with a simple, pragmatic approach to evaluate your current security maturity and identify targeted areas for improvement.

Our team of in-house certified assessors and auditors combine control requirements from well-known frameworks to create a consolidated model which addresses the most critical security domains and capabilities, so you can meet today’s risk-focused demands.

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