All companies are vulnerable to a security breach – and it happens to even the most sophisticated security systems. How a company responds to the breach is the critical factor. The steps it takes AFTER the breach can have far-reaching financial and legal implications for the company and its directors/shareholders.

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What is Crystal Eye?

The Crystal Eye UTM Platform is designed for MSP and corporations that need extreme security that is both easy to use and affordable. It features proven security techniques with layers of protection to keep your data safe. Crystal Eye is a multi-layered security next-generation firewall that increases security awareness, reducing risk exposure from advanced cybercrime, malicious software and insider threats.

By adopting Crystal Eye as your security solution you are only required to have a single vendor and single product platform to achieve a complete defense-in-depth security strategy. This creates a seamless security surface and leaves no gaps as you find with a multi-device/multi-vendor approach.