Contracted CISO

Chief Information Security Officers (CISO’s) are becoming highly sought after, and with that demand comes increasing cost, often unattainable for small to medium sized businesses.

This is where the benefits of hiring a electronic CISO become evident - All the skills and knowledge, without the liability and expense of an additional employee.

A Dangerous Knowledge Gap

Unfortunately, not having someone oversee your company’s cyber security can leave a knowledge gap relating to both mandatory compliance regulations as well as security holes in your business.

With such a gap, the company and its director(s) can be left open to liability putting both your businesses information and reputation, as well as valuable client data at risk being accessible to cyber-criminals.

An Affordable Alternative

Red Piranha’s contracted virtual CISO provides an affordable, reliable service to Australian companies.

We have fully qualified in-house, expert Chief Information Security Officers who can be contracted to review your company’s security needs. Identifying gaps within your infrastructure and implementing the necessary changes to help bring your organisation into compliance to align with the complex regulatory environment resulting from recent legislation.

If your business has an annual turnover in excess of $3million AUD laws such as the ‘Australian Privacy Principles (APP) amendments to the Privacy Act 1988’ are applicable and must be met.

Enterprise Directors Are Liable

Ultimately the liability for compliance in relation to all data protection, security and privacy acts sits with company directors and increasingly they are being held accountable.

Red Piranha can help bring your business into compliance.

We conduct comprehensive reviews of your security, advise directors and board members about potential liabilities and weaknesses in the current system and provide solutions to bring the organisation into regulatory compliance. We can also assist with any staff training and education that may be required.

Security Incidents

The real benefits of our contracted CISO services come into full-effect when a security incident is suspected.

Whether internal employee misconduct, sabotage, intrusions, breaches to security by cyber-criminals, hostage situations with ransomware or other crisis handling needs – we can intervene and manage the situation ensuring minimal damage and maximum security.