Corporate and Staff Training

Is your staff up-to-speed on all security standards and compliance regulatory requirements? Are they prepared to respond to a crisis situation involving security?

How would they handle a major breach? Would they make the right moves to cover the needs of compliance?

If you're in the public spotlight for a breach, will you have done all the right moves that anyone could expect you to make? Your staff's proper handling of incidents will be vital to your enterprises future.

Are they fully trained?

Your Best and Worst Asset

Your best resource in today's economy is your staff. They are also, unfortunately, one of your largest liabilities unless they are trained in the proper ways to meet security compliance laws, new regulations and security incidents. How you staff operates as agents of your organization is vital.

Fully Trained and Confident

After receiving training from Red Piranha your staff will be capable of working through the complex roadmap of modern compliance and incident issues. 

Give Red Piranha a call and we'll put a training program together to ensure your staff is fully versed and up-to-speed in protecting your data and meeting today's legal requirements.