Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

All companies are vulnerable to a security breach – and it happens to even the most sophisticated security systems. How a company responds to the breach is the critical factor. The steps it takes AFTER the breach can have far-reaching financial and legal implications for the company and its directors/shareholders.

Get Ahead of the Problem

It is absolutely essential you have a plan put in place ahead of time, in the event a breach does occur so that the steps you take are all mapped out and formulated based on legal and compliance based standards. The last thing you want to be doing after a breach is figuring out your next steps.

We Are Experts At CIRPs

Red Piranha is expert at crafting custom CIRP plans you use when an incident occurs. We work with your staff to train them and to ensure proper protocols and procedures are followed, documentation is implemented, data and logs are retained, and a whole host of other details you must have in place.

Reduce Risk

A Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan, or CIRP as it is referred to in the security industry, reduces risk by helping you quickly respond the breach and to establish containment.

Security Incidents

The integrity of your business operations relies on your security. After a breach, you must know how extensively the breach was and what systems were impacted. The Red Piranha CIRP will address these problems with methodologies that are proven and center around  Business Continuity Management (BCM).

After a breach, recovery time is critical. The cost of not having a CIRP plan in place is exponentially larger than developing a CIRP ahead of time and utilizing its guidance to get your operations safeguarded and back in business post-haste.

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