Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR)

Leverage our village of experts to deliver comprehensive Security Investigation services
to help you detect and respond to a breach.

Managed Service Providers need a trusted partner to contact when there’s a security breach
in a client’s network. Be response ready! 

Evidentiary Reporting
What, When, How, Who

Incident Response
Contain, Eradicate, Recover

Instant Digital Forensic Team Support

When your client faces a breach, you need an expert to rescue your client. Our skilled digital forensics team is just a click away.

Instantly capture comprehensive information, supporting the incident response lifecycle.

Incident Response Lifecycle

We help your client contain, eradicate and recover fast with our experienced responders.

We conduct root cause analysis, offer extended remediation and assist in restoring your client's business operations.

Post-incident Analysis

Get a full-fledged Compromise Assessment done detailing the investigation & actions taken in your client's network. We offer guidance in implementing security controls so that they get back on their feet.

Improve your security posture

With our remediation plan, you can use lessons learned and apply specific security controls in your client's network to protect them against future and similar attacks.

Digital Forensics & Incident Response service helps you to:

Be prepared for the worst 
Reduce time to respond
Contain the spread
Find out what went wrong 

Proven Processes
Prepare, Respond, Report

A comprehensive incident response plan allows you to quickly identify and contain a breach.
It’s time to get your plan in place and up to date.

Red Piranha works hand-in-hand with your IT team to mitigate risks by allowing proper containment of incidents
and advising remediation plans so you can protect your client’s network more effectively.
Your business needs a trusted partner assurance that can reduce liability and achieve more security outcomes while dealing with the breach.

Become a partner

Red Piranha’s Team of Certified Security Experts deliver comprehensive Security Investigation
services to help you detect and respond to a breach.

DFIR Procedures that will Safeguard Your Client