Digital Forensic Services

As specialists in Digital Forensics, Red Piranha will perform analysis and examinations for forces, solicitors and commercial organizations in the event of a crime or unauthorized access to information systems.

Knowing where to look. Knowing how to look.

When an intrusion occurs it is our job to help you investigate. Our Digital Forensic Services team arms you with a set of investigators who know how to find and follow the digital trail that cyber-criminals leave behind.

Meet security compliance requirements

It is very important that a complete forensic examination is conducted and a comprehensive report is kept on file to not only meet compliance requirements but to also prove a proper response was generated.

A breach exposes your company data to hackers. If you fail to have a proper investigation and take corrective action - you are potentially open to litigation if sensitive information is taken.

Where things went wrong.

During the forensic investigation, Red Piranha works hand-in-hand with your team to mitigate risk by allowing proper containment of incidents - we study the information we discover and work with you to understand where the security system failed and to improve handling of the event.

We look at your existing security handling plans and make suggestions for improvement.

Director's duties

You have a duty to your organization, shareholders, and customers to conduct this investigation. Using a professional partner like Red Piranha reflects on how important security is to your organization and that you are willing to invest in protecting its data.

Contact Red Piranha and ask about this service so that you have us lined up in the event you need us. It is always easier for us to step in and quickly help clients if we have an established relationship.