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We kicked off April with our in-demand DISP Webinar and welcomed six new team members, expanding our team in the APAC region.

As Red Piranha continues to gain traction across the globe, we aim to keep everyone informed of the latest changes in Crystal Eye.

We will be conducting more online partner briefings and training sessions, and we want YOU to be a part of it!

Red Piranha appoints Nicola Nicol, David Plisek and Terry Walsh to their Corporate Advisory Panel


We are thrilled to welcome Nicola Nicol, David Plisek and Terry Walsh to our Corporate Advisory Panel.

With years of experience in the information security sector, Nicola, David and Terry will be an invaluable addition to our Corporate Advisory Panel, helping Red Piranha expand its cybersecurity offerings globally. All three of them will be working with Nicholas McKenzie, Chair of the Corporate Advisory Panel.

The Panel will work closely with our Executive Team to address industry challenges, highlight product growth opportunities and provide guidance concerning our corporate strategy.

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Crystal Eye XDR Update


Version 4.5 is under development with Alpha and Beta testing underway this month. A significant update to the different engines has required additional testing and development to ensure support for existing hardware along with support for GEN 12 Intel processing power.

Our Devs have been pushing improvements on every front. Reporting has seen improvements around identity and device management, multi-tenancy reporting for extended features, and AI/ML activity. Data collection will capture Azure AD and Office 365 metadata with added identity-based awareness. There will be improvements to endpoint agents, vulnerability scanning and network mapping, but also the addition of load balancing support, and DSCP (Differentiated Services Code Point) labelling support, which will provide a fine-grain classification for quality of service. The UI will consolidate multiple services within common sections for improved ease of use, while under the hood the UCMI policy controller which unifies modular features will bring together the many updates for improved correlation. This tight integration across the entire Consolidated Security Platform means that a minor version update has many dependencies that the Red Piranha team manages so that there’s no downtime patching other interfacing products. Our auto-update safeguards keep you secure with peace of mind.

Service Spotlight: Sydney PoP

Red Piranha’s award-winning Crystal Eye Consolidated Security Platform (CSP) is now available in a new Red Piranha-hosted Sydney location at a fraction of the cost of alternative hosting options.

With the transformative shift to Work from Home (WFH) and the challenges organisations face in securing the workforce in a borderless digital world, they must secure their cloud footprint with Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA). Following the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) approach, the closer the company’s Point of Presence (PoP) is to the end-user, the more they will reduce their attack surface to secure their environment. Crystal Eye can now be deployed in a Sydney location, hosted by Red Piranha to ensure the shortest distance to the PoP for organisations up and down the Australian East Coast.

This option is bundled as a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) licence model, providing a monthly bill for Crystal Eye hosting costs, which can be ordered from Red Piranha’s cloud dashboard from as little as AU$7.98 per user per month plus licence and support costs.

If you are wrestling with your Work from Home environment, get in touch with your Account Manager today. Stay tuned for more regions that will be added to our PoP list.

Upcoming Events

Our upcoming events provide a fantastic opportunity for you to get hands-on with our Crystal Eye XDR and discover Red Piranha’s partner offering and full of benefits.

Crystal Eye XDR Partner Briefing and Networking - Perth (Online)


Here's your opportunity to get a close-up view and a 'hands-on' introduction to our industry-leading Crystal Eye XDR platform. We will also be introducing you to our MSP Partner Program.

Event Details

Where: Online
When: Thursday, 12th May 2022
Time: 03:00 PM - 04:30 PM AWST

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Crystal Eye XDR Partner Briefing and Networking - East Coast (Online)


In an ever-advancing threat landscape, we are excited to invite you to join us in demonstrating how we can help you increase the cybersecurity maturity of your business. This is your chance to virtually meet our in-house experts and gain a deep understanding of our range of security solutions.

Event Details

Where: Online
When: Thursday, 19th May 2022
Time: 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM AEST

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