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Gain a competitive edge with a unified security platform

With the ever-changing threat landscape, complex compliance and regulatory change, your customers will either work with you or go elsewhere as they look to limit liability and reduce risk.

As a Managed Service Provider, you will immediately benefit from joining the Red Piranha Partner Program and adopting the Crystal Eye Consolidated Security Platform (CSP) that has been built specifically for you and your clients.

increase security  Increase security services revenue by 30%
cybersecurity services  Improve your security offerings with our Consolidated Security Platform
security service partner  Become an MSSP with increased capability and included training

Not just another vendor.

We’re with you every step of the way.
  • Dedicated account management and support for you and your end customer
  • Immediate confidence for end customers with our Partner Assurance Program and joint marketing
  • Simplified pricing models and commissions allow you to build on your current business

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