Today’s SecOps teams face multiple challenges:

High volume of security alerts
Limited visibility across disparate systems
Lack of skilled resources across multiple discipline

Red Piranha’s NDR platform delivers smart SOC capabilities:

Instant and increased threat visibility across the entire network

Human-machine teaming for automated analytics & response

On-demand threat hunting to pro-actively detect breaches

Defend against advanced persistent threats with unified protection, detection & response capabilities:

Crystal Eye is a Consolidated Security Platform (CSP) that delivers:

  • Data standardization for integrated service delivery efficiencies

  • Integrated PCAP analysis to reduce attacker dwell time

  • On-demand Digital Forensics for effective rapid response

Red Piranha has joined the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) for contextualised cyber threat intelligence feeds [ Read More ]

Building an in-house SOC requires significant up-front investment and ongoing operational costs. Deploying Crystal Eye NDR gives you more security outcomes with less investment.

  • Avoid the pain of manually integrating disparate systems

  • Get direct access to our 'village' of security professionals 24x7 

  • In-line deployment options avoid major infrastructure changes

  • Up to 5 times more network visibility than alternative solutions for a fraction of the cost

  • Encrypted meta data handling provides greater visibility and protection across multiple attack vectors

  • Integrated Vulnerability Management addresses compliance mandates and proactively prevents attacks

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