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October was a busy month for us at Red Piranha, therefore, we have lots of exciting news for you!

Last month we participated in 3 major industry events Land Forces 2022, WA Mining Conference & Exhibition, and the Australian Cyber Conference 2022. We had the opportunity to meet with Hon. Paul Papalia CSC, MLA at the Land Forces exhibition. Our CEO, Adam Bennett, joined the panel discussion at WA Mining event with the best minds in cybersecurity to share potential threats faced by mining SMEs, and how consolidated security can help secure businesses.

And if that wasn’t enough, Red Piranha’s XDR solution featured in the Market Estimates and Trends Analysis to 2030 report released by Grand View Research. Listed as an emerging player against industry giants like Palo Alto, the overview provides an independent review of the service coverage that Cystal Eye solutions provide. To learn more, check out the spotlight below.

We also had the opportunity to attend WA-Indonesia Connect 2022 hosted by the Western Australian Government, led by Invest and Trade Western Australia (ITWA). Richard Baker from Red Piranha moderated the panel discussion on Advanced Technology.

Stay tuned, we have more for you.

Crystal Eye XDR Update

Extended Detection and Response

With 4.5 Beta now under internal testing we are another step closer to the public release of the next iteration of the Crystal Eye OS.

Our QA team has been hard at work during the Alpha phase and will continue to work with the Infrastructure, SecOps and Compliance Teams as the Crystal Eye OS is put through its paces.

The knowledge base is also undergoing review to better serve search results and incorporate more of the Red Piranha suite of products and services.

There are hardware updates on the way to take advantage of Intel GEN12 technology and pave the way for smoother transitions to future Generations of chipsets as they become available.

This will not only realise XDR throughput benefits but will help to take advantage of better supplies that come with employing new technology as it becomes available.

We are also incredibly excited to be working closely with Tertiary Education Institutions to develop training material that will be used to prepare Cybersecurity students for the challenges to come as they join this exciting industry. More to come in the new year as the course content is developed and released.

Representing the Australian XDR market in Grand View’s Latest Market Research


Red Piranha’s XDR solution is featured in the Market Estimates and Trends Analysis to 2030 report released this month. The report situates the need for improved security measures and elaborates on how that is achieved by Extended Detection and Response (XDR).

What differentiates XDR is that its focus is on combining source security data. XDR does more than detect and respond to events occurring on endpoints (EDR) or events detected in parsing network traffic (NDR). Telemetry is sourced from many if not any source, which is then normalised and correlated for signs of malicious activity. XDR adds among other sources, secure email, secure web, and application security to the data lake for correlation, and produces much greater visibility across information assets so that responders are alerted to lateral rather than isolated events. Detecting abnormal or unauthorised activity across different systems though has several challenges.

In many XDR solutions there remains a lack of integration as solutions are often bootstrapped to a legacy EDR solution. There is also a lack of automation or integration with infrastructure because most XDR solutions favour cloud delivery rather than a hybrid one. This limits real-time protection or requires ongoing development to maintain integration with dedicated firewall enforcement points. There exists then an operation complexity to XDR when delivered as part of a portfolio of security products.

Crystal Eye security appliances however consolidate all these components. Cloud and on-premises functions are designed to eliminate the development overhead for IT teams. Automated Actionable Intelligence and patch management is delivered via the service delivery network for real-time protection and near real-time posture management. The platform that is formed integrates risk management and orchestrates Incident Response (IR) procedures. Monitoring the solution then can be outsourced to Red Piranha directly, or via a Managed Service Provider (MSP), yet even the lightest touch means that there is always a retainer free support structure on standby.

Check out the report: Extended Detection and Response Market Size Report, 2030
Learn more about XDR: Crystal Eye XDR Product Showcase

Red Piranha at Land Forces Innovation Awards Showcase


Passive Encryption Control for OT/IOT and Defined Network Activity

The Land Forces expo 2022 was held this week and featured in the Innovation Award Showcase was Red Piranha’s Passive Encryption Control (PEC) technology.

The patented technology addresses key pain points for both operational technology and IOT devices which rely on trust to operate. These limitations on access control leads to intrusion ignorance or a lack of visibility with which to respond to compromise. This opens the attack surface to exploits involving remanent code from prior applications of component technology. While a limited ability to manage vulnerabilities compounds the issue because purpose specific devices often can’t be patched and can’t run additional software for host-based scanning. Meanwhile, traditional network scanning can also cause disruptions that are unacceptable in critical infrastructure.

All these things lead to a lack of visibility and auditability and limits event correlation for monitoring and response to intrusion. How PEC resolves these issues is in the name. It is passive. Monitoring is done through protocol mapping based of encryption signatures generated by encrypted traffic to and from devices. Identification of traffic does not require bespoke protocol parsing nor its decryption. Visibility is achieved through profiling authorised behaviour. Policy control is achieved at the application layer by profiling behaviour while encrypted and then allow-listing approved activity. Any traffic other than that which is mapped is blocked and alerted on. This means that even while network traffic remains encrypted, compromised devices can be isolated in real-time and responders can contain the incident before further exploitation can be achieved.

The following webinar provides a basic demonstration of this Crystal Eye feature in action. A more detailed product discovery meanwhile can be arranged by contracting a Red Piranha representative.

Watch now

Kevin Greely Appointed as Chief Growth Officer

Red Piranha Chief Growth Officer

Red Piranha, Australian’s leading developer and manufacturer of advanced cybersecurity technology, is excited to announce the promotion of Kevin Greely who will become our Chief Growth Officer and lead our Business Development team.

In his new role, Kevin will be responsible for driving the strategic direction of the business development and growing our client and partner engagement globally.

Kevin’s previous role at Red Piranha and wealth of IT experience and knowledge, he is committed and driven to ensure that all businesses have end to end cybersecurity protection they need and relevant to their business structure.

Learn more

Cyber is top priority for ASIC’s supervision of market intermediaries


The corporate regulator has announced its priorities for the coming year, with a key focus on cybersecurity issues. ASIC’s priorities for the supervision of market intermediaries in 2022–23, are based on their broader Corporate Plan 2022–26, announced a month earlier. In this latest announcement, ASIC has outlined eight core strategic projects, and topping the list of priorities is Cyber, technology and operational resilience.

These new ASIC measures apply to financial services providers defined as market intermediaries (including market participants and retail over-the-counter derivatives providers).

Obtain a clear understanding of your current security posture is the best stance toward a more secure and compliant future for your business.

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Red Piranha Events

It’s never boring on the event front.

Last month we had a great time participating in 3 major industry events, Land Forces 2022, WA Mining Conference & Exhibition, and the Australian Cyber Conference 2022.


Upcoming Webinar

Crystal Eye Attack Surface Reduction

In this webinar, we will show how a Crystal Eye deployment in conjunction with the Crystal Eye Attack Surface Reduction (CEASR) application installed on endpoints facilitates application control and ensures compliance with a number of cyber security frameworks including some of the more challenging application allow listing requirements of Essential 8 Maturity Level 3. Our experts will walk you through some of the attack vectors and specific malware that such a deployment protects against, and some of the risks that are mitigated.

Where: Online
When: Thursday, 10th November 2022
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM AWST
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM ACDT
02:30 PM - 03:30 PM AEDT
03:30 AM - 04:30 AM UTC

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