Preserving the Scene: DFIR Procedures that will Safeguard Your Client

So, your client has had a breach and you are thinking, now what?

This webinar will look at attack surface reduction including 365 hardening and consider how both hunting and detection can indicate potential breaches despite having employed best practices. It will cover the threat of endpoint bypassing and how living off the land techniques can be used to further compromise a network. From here, our experts will discuss what not to do when engaging incident responders. We will cover how to engage our specialists to ensure response phases can proceed through containment, eradication, and recovery, promptly, and in accordance with forensic standards required by insurers and legal investigators. 

Event Program

  • Introduction 
  • Why Attack Surface Reduction 
  • Office 365 Security hardening 
  • DFIR Capability using CE 
  • Threat hunting and ‘The Do's and Don'ts’ when engaging incident responders 
  • The DFIR Phases 
  • Road Map 
  • Q & A 

Where: Online

When: Thursday, 28th July 2022

1st Session (Australia) - 1:30PM AEST/11:30AM AWST

2nd Session (Europe) - 12:00PM CEST

3rd Session (US) - 9:00AM EDT

Key Presenters

Dr. Nickson Karie - DFIR Specialist at Red Piranha

Amr Dash - Network Solutions Architect at Red Piranha

Dayna Bennett - Business Development Manager at Red Piranha