Security Assessment and Audit Services

Don’t leave yourself exposed, ensure your organisational compliance and avoid Director liability. It’s time to address your risk and know where you stand.

Most security organisations don’t fully understand their overall security posture, knowing where you stand is the key to ensuring the security of your business.

Our assessment and audit services give you in-depth insight into your cybersecurity posture, helping you understand your organisation’s security maturity model, identifying potential gaps in your security controls and recommending the necessary changes to meet your compliance requirements.

Traditionally information security has been the responsibility of IT department; however, this often leads to security assessments being done with little or no input from other areas within the business.

This approach is no longer effective.

As organisations become increasingly reliant on IT systems for core business functions and those systems become more complex and open to third parties, senior management needs to understand the risks of ineffective and inadequate security practises.

Red Piranha security risk assessment & audit services offer a comprehensive, business-driven approach to evaluating your cybersecurity maturity level based on your business operations and risk profile. The maturity model provides you with a simple, pragmatic approach to evaluate your current security maturity and identify targeted areas for improvement.

Our team of in-house certified assessors and auditors combine control requirements from well-known frameworks such as ISO 27001, NIST, PCI, HIPA, ISM and Essential 8 to create a consolidated model which addresses the most critical security domains and capabilities, so you can meet today’s risk-focused demands.