Threat Intelligence and Analysis

We live in a world of constant danger, a world full of those who want to steal, extort and harm others for gain or just sadistic pleasure. We live in a world where a kid with knowledge of an exploit and a laptop can affect a business ten thousand miles away who never even saw it coming.

Our Crystal Eye UTM Platform is tied into the most sophisticated threat intelligence systems on the planet. We have partnered with OTX / OISF and other major security players to shield and protect our clients.

Underhanded, Dirty Rotten Tricks

You betcha. If it's out there, we know it.

Keeping up with the exploits, the hacks, tricks and underhanded methods used to get inside your system is hard work. It takes constant effort and a lot of smart people doing a lot of smart things to keep ahead of these threats. Red Piranha has those people on staff and we partner with top industry security agencies and firms who have even more insight into threats.

Our threat intelligence, detection, protection and mediation services are design to equip our clients with information on any KNOWN or on any PERCEIVED threats and the LIKELIHOOD of it posing a risk to them.

We use a real-time ‘threat feeds’ to provide up-to-date information on generic threats, while we continually monitor our clients’ assets to ensure they remain protected in the wider threat landscape.

Crystal Eye UTM Platform

When you invest in the Crystal Eye UTM Platform you get the Threat Intelligence and Analysis feed pumped right into your system so both you and your Crystal Eye product are aware of evolving exploits that threaten your network.

​​​​​​​Crystal Eye is updated 4x a day to protect your infrastructure against the newest tricks and exploits.