Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

Everyday hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals are attacked by both automated and manual systems looking to exploit vulnerabilities in their security systems.

The sheer volume of attacks coupled with ever-changing methods, new vulnerabilities and the pervasive will of the cyber-criminal’s intent on breaching your organization is enough to give even the most experienced IPSec a moment of pause.

On average it takes over 200 days for organisations to realise they’ve suffered a breach and had data stolen.
Not on our watch.

Get on the front foot

Most organisations struggle to meet their compliance requirements;

- It’s time to get serious about security testing.

Security assessments are typically manual and reactive;

- It’s time to automate the process.

Benefits of Security Testing

  • Ensure compliance
  • Understand vulnerabilities
  • Establish risk management framework
  • Avoid loss of data, reputation and money

Don’t leave yourself exposed

Find your weaknesses before the bad guys do and get the compliance monkey off your back.

Red Piranha offers automated Vulnerability Assessments through our Crystal Eye platform, as well as traditional Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing (VAPT) services.

    Vulnerability Assessment vs Penetration Testing - What’s the difference?

    A Vulnerability Assessment gives you a view of the known vulnerabilities that exist in your network; while Penetration Testing goes a step further to actually test both known and unknown weaknesses that are present. The level of assurance you require will determine which services are necessary and to what degree.


    1. Businesses are under increasing pressure to meet a range of compliance requirements including the ISO 27001 information security standard which requires regular security assessments. Cybersecurity is an accepted norm in today’s business climate and regular security testing is a key foundation to this.

    • Automated Vulnerability Assessment

    • Our Crystal Eye UTM platform has direct access to the infrastructure within the network, so you can now run automated Vulnerability Assessment scans monthly or even weekly to ensure you stay on top of the new vulnerabilities in your envinroment. Manual security assessments are typically performed once or twice a year; which is a good start, however, new vulnerabilities open up all the time leaving you exposed between checks.

    2. Automated Vulnerability Assessment (Edge Scan)

    This light-touch approach allows us to run an external scan of your public-facing environment to provide a high-level view or your vulnerabilities more frequently. Regular scans provide more current information for your risk management process.

    Vulnerability Assessment

    A Vulnerability Assessment is conducted to determine your system’s weaknesses. We identify, quantify, and prioritise weaknesses in your IT system, then help you put a plan in place to mitigate and manage those risks to keep your business compliant.

    Penetration Testing

    For a deeper understanding of how secure your network actually is, we will conduct a series of simulated attacks on your systems to try to exploit vulnerabilities and truly understand your weaknesses. This then allows us to provide a set of detailed recommendations for how to fix the issues and avoid an actual security incident. We can also offer a more comprehensive new approach known as breach and attack simulation which can take the testing to a new level of mimicking an actual security attack scenario.

    You can't fix a problem if you don't know it's there.

    We help our clients understand where the problems are within their systems and networks and offer a solution. 

    We test, push, probe, analyse and assess all facets of your network and infrastructure
    to help you see weaknesses you may not even have known existed. 

    Vulnerability Scanning

    Red Piranha offers its clients a better, easier way, a pro-active approach to test your defences against both known and unknown threats. 

    We have a comprehensive suite of high and low-level testing tools that are built to challenge even the best security systems in the world. We use these tools on your behalf to probe and investigate systems, reporting back on any issues and weak spots in their current security. 

    Our vulnerability scanning suite uses automated processes to identify any pre-existing weaknesses in your system that could pose a potential security threat. We test operating systems, application software and networks with a comprehensive series of tests to identify vulnerabilities including inappropriate software design and insecure authentication. 

    What is a Penetration Test? 

    A penetration test is a commissioned attempt at hacking your system. We intentionally try to gain access to your organisation's sensitive data assets, information and networks by utilising security weaknesses and misconfigurations conducting realistic attack scenarios, measuring your organisations visibility and response to the breach to provide a clear understanding of your organisation’s cyber security posture. 

    These tests provide a full picture of your system’s security strength, revealing weaknesses that hackers or malicious software could potentially exploit – before it’s too late. 

    Vulnerability Edge Scan Service

    Our clients enjoy knowing that their network is as secure as it possibly can be from the inside and out. We can scan your network on a scheduled basis - daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. Simply provide your IP addresses and we send you a report of any weaknesses in your network.

    Integrated Into Crystal Eye UTM

    For customers who adopt the Crystal Eye UTM platform, Vulnerability Scanning is built into Crystal Eye allowing customers to do a comprehensive scan of the network edge from the inside of their network. Click below to learn more about the Crystal Eye UTM platform.

    Types of Penetration Tests

    Internal, External, Web Application, Physical, Social Engineering, Tandem (Red Team/Blue Team) 

    Contact us to find out which selection of penetration tests best suits your business and your required level of assurance.

    What next? 

    Once complete, we will provide you with a comprehensive security report detailing our findings helping you understand the potential issues, where they are, and how to rectify them before a cyber-criminal discovers them and slips inside your network.