Is Your Network Secure?

Or are you merely hoping it is? Security compliance laws just got a whole lot harder and now include severe penalties if you suffer a beach due to having neglected your security duties.

We designed our Vulnerability Edge Scan to help Australian enterprises meet their compliance requirements. We hunt down and find vulnerable systems in your infrastructure, reporting the problems to you before cyber-criminals find them.

Why risk it?

The cost of a breach isn't just financial – it's also your companies image and reputation, the loss of customer trust as well as the potential fines (up to AUD 360,000 for individuals and AUD 2.1million for the enterprise) for failure to meet compliance requirements.

Know where you stand.

We run extensive tests on your edge security devices and crawl over your network trying to find a way from the outside, in. We know the current exploits and have extensive knowledge of edge devices and where they are most vulnerable.

As networks change and new equipment is added and reconfigured, the smallest miscalculation, forgotten setting or opening can leave you wide open to attack.

Firmware patches on your firewall's operating system that aren't updated, incorrectly configured edge devices, SSL Certificates issues, patch levels that are out-of-date - the list goes on. The bottom line is you see your network from the inside and protect it using edge devices. We scan and analyse your system from the outside and search for the weaknesses you can't test for. Once complete, we will provide you with a comprehensive security report on the findings, arming you with the information you need so you're aware of potential issues, where they are and can address them before a cyber-criminal discovers the vulnerability and slips inside your network.

Prevention is better than cure

Scans can be scheduled monthly or quarterly and ensure you stay up to date with new compliance requirements. Routine scans are essential as network settings change over time, and new vulnerabilities are discovered and must be tested against your network periodically.

Stay on top of threats, so your business doesn’t fall behind.