Crystal Eye features inbuilt gateway-controlled device Application Whitelisting (AWL) technology.

This purpose-built technology, developed by Red Piranha, is explicitly designed to undertake endpoint AWL managed from a network gateway appliance at scale stream.

This addition not only streamlines an otherwise complicated process but also simplifies the implementation on large or complex networks with scanning managed from one source remotely.

Crystal Eye's Patent AWL technology enables the gateway appliance to control applications running on endpoint devices without the need to install and manage endpoint device agents as well as allowing protection on BYOD, IOT and SCADA devices.

With this technology, organisations can deploy and manage the whitelisting “AWL” process from the gateway UTM without the need for agents or needing to have physical access to devices, significantly reducing the burden on IT teams to deploy this critical security control.

Remote IT, and security teams can deploy and manage the endpoint application control process remotely and within minutes across large networks with multiple endpoints.

Crystal Eye XDR

Crystal Eye XDR Platform

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