• Instantly deploy PoPs anywhere with a global network available through Red Piranha Orchestrate 
  • Get advanced high-throughput security detection designed for use across Smart Cities 
  • Custom deployment options are available for packaging connection management bundles with advanced security functions providing complex environments with ongoing protection 
  • Reduce complex engineering solutions with control consolidation 
  • Gain up to 10x greater threat visibility over competing products 
  • Extend monitoring and detection with Red Piranha's Security Operations Centre 
  • 5x more energy efficiency for scalable High-density multitenant deployments ​​​​​​​

Deployment Options 

Crystal Eye Cloud License 

  • Order ready to deploy a global network of Point of Presence (PoPs) straight from Red Piranha's Orchestrate 
  • 100Mbs True Security Throughput Virtualized options for partners 
  • Specialist design assistance available for provisioning 100 MB or 1 GB tenancy 

Crystal Eye SE101

  • Eliminate the expanded virtualization risk for high-density deployments with a dedicated hardware control plane 
  • Implement high speed security scanning with up to 2.4Gbps IDS/IPS throughput 

Crystal Eye 100

Crystal Eye SE100.20 Red Piranha Cloud
4 Cores, 16GB RAM, 5TB Bandwidth, 384GB Storage 

Crystal Eye SE100.30 Red Piranha Cloud  
8 Cores, 32GB RAM, 7TB Bandwidth, 512GB Storage 

  • Ready to scale, modular design to build and deploy past 100GB, for large-scale traffic monitoring and protection 
  • Customizable adapters and node controllers can be configured to manage traffic across nodes or direct from port-to-port 
  • Configurable for DoS protection profiling 
  • Custom proxy profiles for increased TLS interception and inspection capabilities 
  • Redundant cluster node failover 
  • Instant SOC capability across custom traffic types 
  • Ability to deal with elephant flows found in specific network requirements like digital media, campus, scientific research, law enforcement and mining operations 

Security Outcomes

  • Integrated Operationalized Cyber Threat Intelligence, with AAI 
  • Up to 10x Increased visibility to counter Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) 
  • Embed security controls consolidation for Critical Infrastructure  
  • Get access to 24*7/365 Monitoring and Response capabilities. Protect, Detect, Investigate and Respond to zero-day threats, malware families and APTs with greater detection efficacy. 
  • Partner capability to confidently offer best-in-breed Threat Detection, Investigation and Response to meet the challenge of the evolving threat landscape 
  • With our SOC as a service, get immediate SOC uplift with Detection Engineering coverage across cloud, network and endpoint. 
  • Gain real-time insights into network traffic and anomaly detection 
  • Integrated Vulnerability Management for Continuous Threat Exposure Management 
  • Protect end users from anywhere with a Managed Firewall and Secure Web Gateway 
  • SD-WAN to Apply flexible, policy-driven controls to Authenticate and Authorize 
  • Employ CASB to securely manage access to microservices across hybrid environments 
  • SD-WAN to Apply flexible, policy-driven controls to Authenticate and Authorize 
  • Reduce Engineering overheads and achieve lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)