Orpheus_Lyre Bypass Vulnerability Dubbed Orpheus' Lyre Exploits Kerberos Protocol in Linux & Windows
Orpheus surrounded by animals. Ancient Roman floor mosaic, from Palermo, now in the Museo archeologico regionale di Palermo. Picture by Giovanni Dall'Orto.
July 15, 2020
RP_Cyber_Secure Red Piranha Making it Possible for Australian SMEs to Be Cyber Secure with its Home Grown Cyber Defense Products
The Australian federal government has taken several steps lately to pave a path for Australia to become a leader in the digital development sector with special focus on cyber security. However, there is a greater degree of coordination required between the government and the domestic cyber security…
June 22, 2020
suricata_hardware High speed IDP/S suricata hardware tuning for 60gpbs throughput
Red Piranha’s Crystal Eye UTM appliances are multi-core systems that enable multi-threaded applications to use the underlying hardware for high performance. Multi-threading scales the system by adding more threads for running different applications that inspect the incoming traffic before…
August 22, 2019
virus_removal Does the On-going Flame War between Browser & Anti-Virus Programs Developers Make the End Users the Ultimate Losers?
A large number of internet users have been using and are still using anti-virus programs as tools that defend them from viruses and other malware. Essentially, the role of an anti-virus program is to examine information for malicious content and ultimately to protect the end user from “commodity…
September 7, 2018
Huawei_HG532_Routers Huawei HG532 Routers Exposed to Zero Day Vulnerability - Exploited by New Mirai Botnet
Huawei Product Security Response Team (PSIRT) has issued a security notice on its website accepting the fact that the Huawei HG532 routers are vulnerable to Remote Code Execution Vulnerability. The issue was notified by the research department of a software company.
December 24, 2017
The_Janit0r_Malware Meet ‘The Janit0r’ – Vigilante Who Disabled Millions of Vulnerable IoT Devices for a Good Cause
Some see him as a person who deliberately took the law in his hands to prove his point and the others see him as responsible technologist. The man calls himself conditioner of 'terminally ill' devices is also perceived as a person who understands IoT (Internet of Things)  and the major issues that…
December 18, 2017
Online_Bitcoin_Wallets Online Bitcoin Wallets Open To Compromise Via Weak Private Key Generation Code
Before taking a step in Investing to Bitcoin, you might just want to read this first!
December 1, 2017
Equifax_data_Breach Equifax Breach: Apache Struts Vulnerability Causes Massive Data Theft
Earlier this month Equifax, one of the largest consumer credit reporting agency in the world, declared that their systems where breached between mid-May and July. The breach involved attackers gaining access to sensitive customer data which included social security numbers of approximately 143…
September 17, 2017
Westermos_Industrial_Routers Westermo’s Industrial Routers Exposed to Severe Flaws, Critical Industrial Sector Networks Affected
Security researcher Mandar Jadhav who works for a California based information security company has revealed numerous flaws in Westermo’s industrial routers. According to the advisory revealed by the ICS-CERT, Westermo MRD-305-DIN (versions older than, MRD-315, MRD-355 (versions older than…
September 5, 2017
Mac_OS_X_Cyber_Attacks 10 Security Settings that Secures Your Mac OS X from Cyber Attacks
Setting up a new Mac computer can be labeled as the easiest task one can ever come across. But things can get a little challenging while optimizing Mac security settings according to your requirements.  The large amount of data that is transferred, downloaded and exchanged by Mac users over a…
August 17, 2017