Corona Virus

COVID-19 Update

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the situation COVID-19 a pandemic with many Governments and Organisations enforcing self-isolation and implementing remote working protocols.

Moving to a remote workforce comes with hurdles, including the security of your data, network and infrastructure, but we're here to help.

Due to our 'follow the sun' model, with teams located globally, means its business as usual for Red Piranha; we will still be working to protect your business around the clock with no disruption.


•    Be seen from behind a screen
There are several platforms for video conferencing, including Skype, Microsoft Teams and Zoom conferencing, to name a few. These all offer the same level of engagement as face-to-face meetings.

Bonus is they are quick to set up and easy to run.

•    Communicate
Keep clear lines of communication open between Senior Management and employees. Nothing brings down a company like panic. Ensure your staff are clear on your organisation's policies and procedures when it comes to taking leave and expectations for working remotely. 

Everyone being on the same page means no delays.

•    Secure your staff access
Give your staff access to the files they need to work effectively at home by setting up VPN connections.

Crystal Eye has the functionality to quickly and easily configure multiple VPN connections; meaning you can rest assured that your staff can work securely, without the risk of interference to your network and files.

Detailed instructions on how to configure remote access VPNs can be found on Red Piranha's user manual. 

For support or technical assistance, please email [email protected] 

Not sure if your network is secure?

As we mentioned, it's business as usual for Red Piranha, so if you have any concerns about the security of your network and systems, we're here to help.

Our team is available for remote services with the ability to run vulnerability and penetration testing from anywhere in the world.

Our Crystal Eye units are custom-made, shipping within 2 weeks, with 'plug and play' set-up and remote configuration support.