We know we're facing uncertain times, and businesses are having to adapt and remain agile. 

Cybercriminals are on the prowl, looking to take advantage and exploit the COVID-19 situation to target companies and individuals.
At Red Piranha, we're committed to supporting Small to Medium Enterprises, ensuring they stay resilient and more importantly, secure.

To keep your people and processes and information safe, we are offering free Cybersecurity Awareness Training, an essential component of compliance reporting in your businesses Cyber Defence strategy.

Be proactive, not reactive.

Reliable staff are your best asset but also your biggest liability.
Educating your team is the best form of defence. Our comprehensive Cybersecurity Awareness training is designed to ensure your team understands the value of your businesses' information and the importance of being cyber-aware. 
Topics include: 

  • Why do we need cybersecurity
  • Social Network
  • Safe web browsing
  • Passwords
  • How to identify threats and suspicious behaviour 
  • Steps to take to prevent a breach

This offer is available to both our existing partners and their clients and new Enterprise clients. Existing account holders can access training via their store dashboard account, new clients, please email us at [email protected]

Terms and Conditions apply.