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The entire product range of ADB broadband gateways and routers built on the Epicentro Platform have been reported to have encountered with multiple vulnerabilities. The vulnerable versions have been identified as ADB P.RG AV4202N, DV2210, VV2220, VV5522.

The ADB vulnerabilities where disclosed by a well known German security consultation company. In order to enhance redability the products have been categorized into three tiers as per its designated vulnerability type. According to the detailed report published, the ADB vulnerabilities identified are Privilege Escalation Via Linux Group Manipulations, Local Root Jailbreak Via Network File Sharing Flaw and Authorization Bypass.

multiples vulnerabilities in adb gateways and routers

Privilege Escalation Via Linux Group Manipulations

By exploiting the Linux group manipulation vulnerability the attacker would be able to gain access to the command line interface (CLI), if disabled by the ISP. Finally the attacker can escalate privileges and thereof perform further attacks.

Privilege Escalations would result the attacker getting access to the entire configuration further making it possible to manipulate settings in the Web GUI.

Local Root Jailbreak Via Network File Sharing Flaw

Exploitation of the Local Root Jailbreak Via Network File Sharing Flaw the attacker would be able to gain root access and extract sensitive configuration data. Once the attacker gets access to the configuration data it would then be possible to compromise VoIP Credentials. The attack can also be further elaborated to gain access to the internal network of the ISP. However, gaining access to the internal networks totally depends on the security measures adopted.

Authorization Bypass Vulnerability

The Authorization Bypass Vulnerability on an unpatched device allows attackers to gain access the device settings and manipulate them. For instance the attacker could exploit the vulnerability to enable telnet server and access it remotely.

Given the fact that the above mentioned vulnerabilities have been deemed critical it is highly recommended that restricted access be given to few trusted users. Further it is also recommended that all weak passwords be changed and remote access to the web GUI be restricted.

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Date Published
July 05, 2018