Red Piranha, Australia’s first next generation firewall developer is pleased to announce it’s partnership with the GMO Internet Group and GlobalSign. The partnership will see Red Piranha expand its service offerings to include publicly trusted SSL ‐ Secure Socket Layer, a suite of ePKI solutions, S/MIME and code signing certificates. These core solutions will allow thousands of enterprise customers to conduct secure online transactions and provide tamper‐proof distributable code as well as being able to bind identities to client certificates for email security and remote two factor authentication.

Established in 1996, GlobalSign's public root key is embedded in all major Internet applications such as E‐mail clients and browsers. As a result, GlobalSign certificates are globally accepted, and issued without limitation by any application, geographic area or business sector. Furthermore, GlobalSign is one of the few Certification Authorities in the world to have attained both the WebTrust for CA’s accreditation standards, as well as passing the enhanced criteria set by the CA Browser Forum to provide Extended Validation SSL. GlobalSign has sales and support expertise available throughout North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

The Red Piranha Next-Generation Enterprise Crystal Eye Unified Threat Management (UTM) product family protects the network internally as well as the perimeter, optimizing connectivity and simplifying the administration of network operations. The Crystal Eye product range will be the first product of its kind designed and owned in Australia and is planned to be released late in 2017.

Red Piranha manufactures and supplies End-to-end security solutions to safeguard your information across the entire network and its borders helping you maintain Confidentiality and Integrity. The easily deployed Crystal Eye multi-layered security next generation firewall range increases security awareness reducing risk exposure from advanced cybercrime, malicious software and insider threats.

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Date Published
June 19, 2017