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Red Piranha, Australia's leading developer and manufacturer of advanced cybersecurity technology, is excited to announce a first of its kind partnership with telecommunications provider TPG Telecom Limited to launch Crystal Eye XDR Cloud-Native Security Platform (CNSP). Providing their Partners and customers with Secure Access Service Edge deployment options and access to TPG's 27,000km fibre networks.

The partnership with TPG Telecom is the first of several cloud-providers that Red Piranha will be affiliating with to providing comprehensive security protection across an organisation's entire Cloud attack-surface area via Crystal Eye XDR Cloud. With the 58% of businesses globally using Cloud services to store and share sensitive or confidential data, they must establish effective cybersecurity protocols to reduce the risk of data loss, leakage and hacking from nefarious parties.  

"This is a remarkable step for Red Piranha, and our strategic partnership with TPG will provide immense benefits to our partners and customers globally. As more businesses move to the Cloud, cybersecurity incidents are becoming a common occurrence. Integration with Crystal Eye XDR Cloud provides a holistic and comprehensive cybersecurity solution that delivers advanced protection against the evolving threat landscape all from the Cloud." 

Adam Bennett, Red Piranha CEO

In addition to our partnership with TPG, we have launched two new products and services to expand our stable suite offerings:  

Crystal Eye XDR  -  Unified security platform that quickly detects security incidents anywhere across a business and automatically responds to shut down the threat and minimise the impact on their business.  

Crystal Eye XDR 360 – Our suite of managed security bundles that provide enterprises access to our Crystal Eye XDR, Crystal Eye appliance hardware, SIEM and eCISOTM services in an affordable subscription-based program. 

TPG is Australia's highest seller of NDN Enterprise Ethernet, with TPG Telecom Group Executive Enterprise and Government Elizabeth Aris attributing its leading position to its fibre expertise and customer-centric approach to offering products and services that meet business needs. 

To learn more about Red Piranha's Crystal Eye XDR and our extensive service offering, please visit: redpiranha.net

Date Published
March 11, 2021