Information Security is complicated, protecting your business shouldn't be

Red Piranha is an Australian enterprise that engineers and manufactures advanced security products for Managed Service Providers (MSP) and enterprises to give them an advantage in fighting off cyber-crime, intrusion attempts and in securing their data to meet modern compliance requirements.

Our crown jewel, Crystal Eye®, is a unified threat management platform, a multi-layered security next-generation firewall designed to be easy enough for enterprises to use and powerful enough for MSPs to see as a major game-changer when compared against the top products in the industry.

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If you are an MSP who would like to try out our "game changer", we have a partner program you can join to experience Crystal Eye for yourself and begin streamlining your security services, save lots of money and save time with reduced management overhead.


As an MSP your primary need is to provide the highest security levels possible to your clients while ensuring your solutions architecture is maintainable and easy to manage.

You need solutions that are simple to integrate into your existing client and network infrastructure while offering added layers of capabilities that further your goal of providing robust services to your customer base.

Crystal Eye provides you with an easy to integrate Unified Threat Management system that is both affordable and full-featured to meet your needs as an MSP. It is a true game changer.


Enterprise security has changed significantly over the past few years. New compliance requirements are now driving policies and mandating sweeping changes in how your security infrastructure is set up.

In order to meet new compliance laws, you will need to make changes to your threat management, data retention/protection, incident handling and reporting, in addition to other core mandates.

Crystal Eye is perfectly positioned to help you adapt to the new compliance laws and maintain the highest level of corporate security while providing a more efficient management system for your staff.


If you are an enterprise, we encourage you to go to our Crystal Eye page and read about the advantages this solution offers you. With the changes in compliance laws now governing IPSec tighter than ever, now is the time to make the switch to Crystal Eye.



Everyone, even the small business, should be able to be safe. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way in the real world. High-end security products can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take a small staff of expensive security experts to maintain. Why? 

The answer bothered us and we saw an opportunity to create a business filling the void. Our vision was to create an easy to maintain, full-featured security solution that was affordable to the small and medium-sized businesses.

We began our mission in 2015 and are now bringing to market what we set out to build.

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Available in Cloud or as an Appliance

Crystal Eye is available for MSP and enterprises on our made to order high-grade appliances you install in your data center or on-site at your enterprise. 
Crystal Eye is also available as a cloud solution allowing protection for single office networks all the way to multi-branch, hybrid, international networks interfacing with partners.