Crystal Eye XDR (Extended Detection & Response) is a new approach that provides end-to-end security
all from a single integrated platform.


Crystal Eye secures your organisation from the cloud to the endpoint
with a range of advanced security technologies.

Crystal Eye is a very compelling solution for the SMB market.

News and Events

March 31, 2023

Crystal Eye's comprehensive security capabilities, use of Red Piranha’s security support and CTEM programs, organisations can confidently implement a Zero-Trust framework that provides robust protection against cyber threats and…
March 29, 2023

Clop ransomware is linked to the financially motivated threat group TA505 and belongs to the Cryptomix ransomware family. Red Piranha has observed it exploiting a remote code injection vulnerability in GoAnywhere MFT, Fortra’s secure…
March 27, 2023

In this week's report, we have detected 6 new threats: Royal Ransomware, Bad magic APT, Xaview Stealer Malware, SOMNIRECORD, Muggle Stealer, and FakeGPT.